Staff Augmentation

Our Staff Augmentation services are aimed at organizations that want to augment their teams with necessary personnel when the need arises. We offer
  • Resources provided on contract assignment, outsourced staffing or permanent placement basis
  • Third party background checks for all candidates
  • Relocation, Immigration and Settlement services provided to candidates required onsite.
  • Best of breed staff that fit seamlessly into culturally diverse teams, across varied geographies and projects.
  • Increased effective working hours and reduced turnaround time by augmenting staff in different time zones.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by our clients due to our staff augmentation services include

  • Lower total cost of ownership: Savings on hiring costs, benefits expenses and training costs
  • Flexibility to add or remove resources on demand
  • Increased breadth of offerings: Ability to expand service offerings with the ease of adding new skill sets at any time.
  • Increased efficeincy: Make agressive deadlines and make deliverables on schedule, eliminate project backlog and risk by leveraging the option of hot swap backup candidates