Lotus Quickr

IBM Lotus® Quickr® is team collaboration software to help you access and interact with the people, information, and project materials that you need to get your work done.
Lotus Quickr is a part of the IBM social business platform, offering a rich set of features, such as team spaces, content libraries, discussion forums, and wikis, to enable team collaboration. Lotus Quickr can help increase efficiency and productivity and transform your business into a social one.

Organize and share documents and information with team spaces, content libraries, team discussion forums, wikis, and connectors.

Connect to your IBM enterprise content management system, IBM Lotus Notes®, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime®, IBM Lotus Symphony™, Microsoft® Office, and Microsoft Outlook, without leaving these familiar interfaces.

Broaden team membership to include business partners and customers to accelerate business cycles and create better relationships.

Set up and manage information and projects in a security-rich environment without IT assistance.

Reduce "inbox bloat" by providing a central, shared way to share attachments and large files.

Capture and reuse business best practices so that teams and projects can get started more quickly.