Microsoft BizTalk Server unites enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) integration. BizTalk is Microsoft’s Integration and Connectivity server solution. Microsoft BizTalk Server helps to connect systems inside and across organizations. BizTalk Server provides a powerful Web-based development and execution environment that integrates loosely coupled, long-running business processes, both within and between businesses.
Microsoft built BizTalk Server as a part of their enterprise application integration in the .NET server family that constitutes a suite of tools and services like management, administration, mapping and tracking.
BizTalk Server supports standard Internet Technologies like EDI (Electronic Data Interaction), multiple transports and protocols (HTTP, SMTP), custom and flat file formats.


• Adapter-based communications
• Strong support for transformations.
• Support for effectively unlimited types of data through transformations and pipelines.
• Durable messaging using the proven publish-subscribe model.
• Highly scalable and customizable performance model.
• Flexible and direct support for deployment.
• A Business Rules Engine that supports versioning, in-flight change, and is very scalable.
• Business Activity monitoring that surfaces business information at run-time (for example, number of new orders per hour).
• Integration with a broad range of security architectures.
• Broad industry support through a strong, focused developer community, subject matter experts, consulting houses, and independent consultants.


• Simplify data exchange - without editing or understanding XML you can create impressive documents and modify them using any text editor.
• Document translation, filtering and routing based on content.
• Integration of typewritten user interface on Web browsers and backend databases thereby orchestrating purchasing and order processing systems.
• Create applications that can mediate between two or more heterogeneous databases and intelligently apply information that is tailor made to individual users.
• Establish secure communications that support public key encryption, digital signatures and encryption along with multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), seamless links with customers, suppliers and partners. Integrate wholly unrelated functions like human resources and finances.
• It is basically an Integration server. It helps in Integrating Enterprise Applications at one common point.
• BizTalk is designed to operate in Multi Server Environment. We can run the application on various servers to manage load and availability.
• Message Box DB designed for optimum performance.
• BizTalk has a number of Tools like BRE, BAM, SSO which be effectively used.
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