The AMTrix System is an Enterprise application integration software system that acts as a middleware and enables applications to exchange data in standardized message formats, regardless of physical distance and hardware platforms.
The AMTrix System is constructed in a modular fashion, with message processing and communication modules connecting to a central message distribution engine (the AMTrix Router). The entire system is monitored and configured from a network client (the AMTrix Monitor).
AMTrix Monitor
It is the GUI client for the AMTrix System, to operate, configure, and maintain the AMTrix System on the servers, manage trading partner information, and define and modify various system parameters.
It has two parts:
AMTrix Datamapper is capable of managing traditional EDI documents as well as the "anything-to-anything" flow of electronic commerce documents.
For Example, EDI-Database, Database - EDI, XML-EDI, EDI-XML, XML-Database etc.
Message Builder is the Language used in AMTrix Datamapper, which is similar to C Language.

AMTrix provide following functions:-
Message conversion
Application server connectors
Intelligent processing of messages
Message logging
Message transportation
Integration Services
Quick Contact